What is Consolidation Service?


Consolidation Service is a value added service provided by Packnpost2u in which several parcels are combined and shipped as a single shipment to benefit from better shipping rate.

For international shipments via air freight, shipping costs are calculated based on actual weight or dimensional weight, whichever is higher for the chargeable weight.

Dimensional Weight, also known as Volumetric Weight, is a pricing technique for international shipments which uses estimated weight calculated by multiplying the length, width and height of a shipment and dividing by dimensional factor. The factor varies based on unit of measure and type of delivery.

We will retrieve your parcels and check its content upon receiving your order request, and consolidate up to a maximum of ten parcels into one box as a single shipment.

We provide repack service for our valued customers free of charge to help you save shipping cost. You may choose to remove external packaging of your parcel or add extra protection to your parcel.

We will not repack fragile items. You are responsible to ensure the packaging by your merchant is sufficient to protect your fragile items. However, you may request to add extra protection on the external packaging.


How consolidation saves shipping cost?


Without consolidation

total shipping cost = RM38 + RM38 + RM38 =RM114.

With consolidation

total saving on shipping cost = RM114 - RM70 = RM44.

(All shipping costs shown above are for illustration purpose only.)

How repack service saves shipping cost?


With special repack service, the box size and weight is most often further reduced and thereby further reducing shipping cost.