How It Works


Process Flow


01 Member registration

Register a membership account, a China address will be provided to you.

02 Online shopping

Shop at your favorite online sites.

03 Packnpost2u warehouse address

Fill in your Packnpost2u China address as your delivery address during your purchase at the merchant site.

04 Parcel declaration

Login to your account, goto Place Order Request, fill in consignment note number, courier company name and declare all items in your parcel.

05 Email notification

Once your parcel delivered to our China warehouse, we will notify you by email.

06 Place order request

Select 1 to maximum of 10 parcels per shipment to release.Surcharge applies if your parcel or shipment is overweight or oversized.

07 Shipping Channel

Choose your shipping channel and fill up your delivery address.

08 Submit Order

Submit your order at Place Order Request.

09 Consolidation

Once received your order, warehouse team will review your order, check parcel content, repack parcels into single shipment and record actual weight.

10 Email notification

Once consolidation is complete, Packnpost2u will notify you by email within one working day after receiving your order. You may review the shipping costs after signing in to your account.

11 Payment

Choose your preferred payment mode to make your payment.

12 Release Shipment

Upon receiving payment, we will release your shipment. Your shipment will be delivered to your delivery address.

What's next?


Track your shipment online anytime by entering your invoice number

into the tracking box here or goto the link at the bottom of the page.


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