Why Us


Why Choose Us?

Consolidation is a new trend to manage and ship your purchases online.
We offer this service for our member convenience and cost saving purposes!


Nowadays Trend


With the growth of online shopping and maturity of e-commerce in China, online shopping in China is fun and convenient!

No matter online shopping or cross border shopping in China, they became much easier if you possess a China address.

Why so? That is because many websites and stores in China do not support direct shipping to oversea countries.


New Trend


Consolidation is the solution of all. Our service is not merely providing you a China address, we also provide warehouse storage and parcels consolidation.

Consolidation comes in handy when you want to shop at more than one merchant stores. Pack and ship together could save more on your shipping costs!

The best part is, you manage your own purchases online anytime anywhere, no time bound yet no distance bound. We will pack and ship once we received your shipping order to ensure your shipment leave our warehouse within 24 hours.

Let us consolidate your shipment

You can save up to 50% in shipping costs